Why you should get colsie (cosy) with a winter Scottish adventure

Does the very thought of a winter couples shoot in Scotland give you the chill? Let me show you that a cosy winter couples shoot is the perfect way to enjoy a fantastic time together and end the year on a high.

It’s easy to have a blast the whole summer – adventuring and hanging out with friends and family in the sunshine. But then all of a sudden, Winter has rolled around again. You find yourself reminiscing and wishing you had some amazing photos to celebrate the year. 

Less people around

A real advantage of shooting in the Winter is that there are less people around in the hot spots of Edinburgh and Scotland (with the slight exception of the Christmas markets!). You’re more likely to have privacy for your shoot, making it feel a bit more intimate and romantic.

Holyrood Park crags couple in Winter

Get colsie

Colsie is the Scots gaelic word for ‘cosy’. You know what keeps you warm on a winter shoot? Getting nice and cuddly together. There is something wildly romantic about holding each other for warmth and being all wrapped up in each other.

Wrapped up in a blankie

Who doesn’t love being wrapped up all snug in a blanket together? It looks cute and a bonus, it keeps you warm against the Scottish elements. You can BYOB (Bring Your Own Blanket) or I can provide one for you.

Soft light and fab sunsets

Scotland in winter is like having a big old soft box following you around all day – you’ll get flattering light for large portions of the day. If you’re lucky, we’ll get intense long sunsets that’ll give you beautiful photos worth framing.

Edinburgh winter sunset couple

Enjoy the festive spirit

Winter also brings the festive spirit which means if you love fairy lights, mulled drinks and adorable little market stalls then this is your time! A wander around the Edinburgh or Glasgow Christmas Markets makes for a wonderfully cute shoot. Or visit other Edinburgh city highlights like The Dome, which is always fabulously decorated.

The romance of wild Scottish weather

Even when the Scottish weather is being wonderfully unpredictable or when it brings snow, it has a certain romantic quality which is hard to find anywhere else. Embrace the wildness of it (whether it’s in the city or the Highlands) and you are sure to land some epic photos to remind you of your bravery!

A little celebration

‘Tis the season for big commitments – if you were lucky to say ‘yes’ to a special question then consider a winter engagement shoot. Don’t wait till the summer – enjoy the high of those over-the-moon feelings now.

Thinking about booking your own cosy winter couples shoot? Or maybe you know someone who is planning to get engaged and would like their proposal captured? Then get in touch here to plan your unique winter shoot.

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  1. Lucy

    Gaelic is a trip I’m really curious how one pronounes cosagach hahah. Beautiful photos!

  2. Stephanie Betsill

    I’d get cozy during winter in Scotland for photos like these!!

  3. Aimee Flynn

    These are so lovely! Makes me want to visit 🙂

  4. Heather Huie

    These images are stunning! I love their energy

  5. Kate Hampson

    love, love, love, love, love everything about this! I want to move to Scotland and get cosy by a fire please!


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