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I know there is something a little vulnerable, perhaps even a little scary, about doing a photoshoot for yourself. But I’ve been told time and time again that it’s one of the most empowering and oddly liberating things you can do.

It just takes the right photographer.

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questions & answers

how long will we shoot for?

Our portrait session will last between 1-2 hours with a wee break for tea. This gives us plenty of time to get comfortable in the front of the camera.

But if you are interested in longer sessions then please contact me to chat.

where will our session take place?

I love to shoot in a place that has a special meaning to you. If you’d like a bit of inspiration, then I can use my detective skills to uncover little hidden local spots to suit your style.

Adventurer or traveller? Great! Contact me to discuss sessions further afield.

what happens before the shoot?

With any of my shoots, we’ll chat in advance (usually by Skype or phone) to go over all the details of the shoot – date, time, location, style etc. I’ll happily answer all your questions.

Most importantly, we’ll chat about what you want to get out of your session so we can make sure it’s completely tailored to you. Welcome any of your weirdest and most wonderful ideas. (Or let me be your guide!)

when do we shoot?

Your photos will be 10x better if we shoot early in the morning or in the couple of hours before sunset. The time of the year has a big impact on the specific times but we can chat about that at our booking.

what do I wear? help!

This is the most asked about topic…Rule number 1: dress for comfort! Of course, you want to look good on your shoot but not at the expense of feeling awkward in your outfit. If you feel great in what you’re wearing, odds are you will feel more comfortable in front of the camera.

Some general notes:

·       It’s Scotland… and we all know what that means! Bring some layers and a brolly.

·       Choose an outfit that flatters you and makes you feel amazing. Try it on beforehand and ask yourself, does this outfit make me feel good? Confident? If not, try another.

·       This doesn’t mean rushing out to buy an expensive or trendy outfit – you should wear something that is a reflection of you and your own style. Don’t be afraid to go really dressy if that’s what you want. Or casual. This is all about what you want.

·       I recommend staying away from anything which is too distracting i.e. large logos, words or loud patterns. Wearing all one colour (i.e. all black or white) or super bright block colours can also be a bit distracting.

You’re also welcome to bring a couple of outfits if you’d like a different look!

I'm really awkward in front of a camera, will my photos be pants?

Absolutely not. Almost everyone feels this way (to start with!) – it’s such an unusual situation to be asked to be in front of a camera for longer than 30 seconds.

I usually start the session with a few silly photos to get used to the camera and then the rest of the session will be getting to know you and producing wonderful photos together. I’ll have a few cues and prompts along the way to help you feel more comfortable.

Don’t worry about awkward giggles, they look great in the photos!

how will I receive my photos?

Once your images have been culled down and edited, I’ll send you a link to a private gallery with the final high-res images for download.

With your permission, there will also be a few popped up on social media and the blog so you can easily share with family and friends.

Raini made me feel completely at ease, like I’m important and understood, and like I’m a part of something genuinely artistic. 
The images she produces feel romantic, intimate, ethereal, and raw. She’s equal parts silly and talented, and that made shooting with her so fun, and the results so rewarding.


Raini is an amazing lady and a very talented photographer. She took some shoots of me and my baby bump and not only were the photos really beautiful she completely put me at ease, made me feel super gorgeous and supplied me with delicious cups of tea and pieces of cake to keep me warm throughout the shoot! I don’t have enough stars to give this lady!


In Raini’s work however I see myself as a stranger, yet so authentically “me” that it almost hurts, like being in two places at once. It’s me and it’s not, it’s the monster in the closet, it’s the light we weren’t allowed to shine.

You know what? I am beautiful.



How do I get in on the action?

Let’s take a look at the different shoot options I have…