How to prepare for your couples adventure session in Scotland

Scotland is rather magical isn’t it? Whether it rains or shines – it’s a wildly romantic place and the perfect backdrop for sharing a memorable (and fun!) experience together. It’s a natural result that you’ll end up with some wonderful photos at the end of it.

My sessions for couples are more than a photoshoot – it’s a chance to reconnect with each other meaningfully and have that spark between you captured. These sessions are suitable for all kinds of moments – whether you want to celebrate a milestone or just revel in your happy love-bubble. There is no wrong time to have a couples session.

This is a quick guide about what to expect and how to prepare for your couples session in Scotland with me.

Holyrood Park crags (Edinburgh) couples session in Winter

What to expect from a couples session

Almost all of my couples tell me that they’ve never had professional photos taken of them before or that they’re nervous about being in front of the camera. Don’t worry, you’re in good company. A big part of my role is to help you feel as relaxed and natural as possible during our session. Here are some of the ways I achieve this…

No cheesy or stiff poses

I want you to feel like yourselves. You can’t do this if I micro-direct or make you stand in very static poses during our sessions. Instead, I’ll gently encourage you to move, interact and connect with each other in different ways.

I’ll direct you in a way that is right for your relationship

Throughout the session I’ll ask if any of my gentle directions would be something you’d normally do in your day-to-day relationship. And it is 100% OKAY to say no. I really really want you to feel comfortable like the time spent is a natural reflection on how you’d act together normally.

I won’t ask you to stand still and smile at the camera

Aside from maybe taking the ‘mantelpiece’ photo for the family (you know, the one which your Granny might want to frame for above the fire) – I won’t ask you to smile at the camera. Most of our session will be focussed on creating moments between you as a couple – rather than between you and the camera.

You don’t need to look or act like a model to get epic beautiful images

A lot of my couples come to me thinking they have to act, look, or pose a certain way to get the ‘best’ images. You don’t need to look or act like a model. Trust me, the best images you’ll get are where you let your guard down and just focus on each other – they are the ones which will transport you back in time and create that wonderful sense of nostalgia.

Ways you can make the most of your adventure session

These are all just suggestions – if you turn up to a session without any of these then please don’t fret, we’ll still have an incredible time! These little things can just help calm your nerves or add something a little ‘extra’ to your experience.

Find a way to feel relaxed and connected before your session

As this session is about capturing a true reflection of who you are as a couple, it might be a nice idea to have a chat before you come along to the session about what little things are unique to your relationship. I’d recommend the evening before or the morning of your session, taking a little time to relax and connect with each other… this could involve taking a walk together, having a glass of wine or enjoying a bath together etc. And discussing the good things that make you feel connected. Here are some prompts which might help:

  • What is one thing you love most about each other?
  • What is your favourite way to show each other your appreciation?
  • If you could sum up your relationship in one memory, what would it be?
  • Can you remember the moment you realised you were in love?
  • What is something small each of you do normally that makes the other feel loved and/or grateful for your relationship?
  • What makes you laugh or giddy in your relationship?

Make a playlist

I’ll bring the bluetooth speaker, you bring the tunes (if you want!). Some couples like a bit of familiar music to feel relaxed. I don’t usually use this throughout the session but at some moments, it can help you feel more at ease with each other.

Bring your pet

OK so this one is really for me. I love a doggo. But on a more serious note, if your pet is a big part of your family then do feel free to bring them (though please give me a heads up so I can factor that in). Just be aware that you’ll want to be able to take some photos without them so they would need to be okay to sit nicely outside of the frame.

Bring a meaningful token

If you have any objects which are meaningful to your relationship then let me know and I can chat through how we can integrate them into a session.


I love a good surprise! If you want to add a surprise into the session then please let me know in advance and we can make sure we add this into the session in the best way possible.

Bring all your true selves

If you have any ‘unusual requests’ then don’t be bashful! I’ve had couples who wanted to do acrobalance, who have wanted to run into the sea naked or those who have wanted to recreate the Titanic ‘king of the world’ scene for funsies. I’m here for ALL your quirkyness and in-jokes!

What to bring

  • Yourselves! (This is an obvious one but seriously, there isn’t too much more you need to bring other than yourselves)
  • Pack lightly – I’d recommend to avoid bringing too much stuff as we’ll be walking about a fair bit and you don’t want to feel burdened or restricted.
  • Raincoat / Poncho / Umbrella – worth bringing something for the rain (if you have a preferred option). See below about coping with our weather!
  • Sturdy footwear – even our streets are a little hazardous (I see you cobblestones!) so worth making sure you have a sturdy footwear option. You can change out of them throughout the session but something with good grip and ideally ankle support is a good plan!
  • Optional: small or lightweight accessories if you want to be able to change-up your look (i.e. jewellery, scarves, ties, hats)
  • Optional: makeup for refreshing (i.e. lipsticks or facepowders)
Aviemore adventure session - woodlands couple walking in the rain

How to cope with the unpredictable Scottish weather during your couples session

Scotland isn’t known for its hospitable climate so here is a complete blog on coping with it:

But, in summary, here are a few quick tips for our session:

  • Raincoat – it doesn’t need to be beautiful but something which can keep you as warm and dry between shots as possible (I usually ask you to throw it off for a few minutes when the showers are lighter). Please note that downcoats are rarely waterproof – they may be warm but they won’t stand up to much of Scotland’s rain.
  • Bring layers – Every Scot is taught to wear their clothes in layers. Plan your outfit so you can add and remove layers easily depending on what our crazy climate decides to throw at us!
  • Don’t worry too much about the weather – Scotland is SO beautiful in all weathers. And even rain has it’s advantages. So come along to the session believing that whatever the weather is, we’re going to have a lot of fun and get some wonderful images to remember it.
  • Embrace it – if the heavens open up then let’s dance in the rain and splash in the puddles. Or we can try to wait it out (showers don’t usually last all day). I can discuss options with you as we go.
  • Bring a change of clothes – this is particularly good advice if you have plans directly after.
  • What I’ll bring:
    • Umbrellas
    • Waterproof bags to keep anything you’ve brought with you dry
    • An understanding of what to expect from the weather (Met Office is my fave source)
    • Extreme wet weather backup option (somewhere to shelter or potentially photograph at)

And here is an example of a session which was VERY soggy (the whole time) and how the weather didn’t detract from the fun we had and the love they shared.

Let’s do this!

Weeeee, so excited to meet you! I hope you this guide has helped you with how to prepare for your couples session.

If you haven’t already booked in for a couples session with me then please get in touch with me here to chat availability and options! I’d love to hear your ideas.

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