Highland adventure session in Aviemore, Scottish Highlands | Sara & Robin

Have you explored the Scottish Highlands? They are wildly romantic and our dear friends Sara & Robin feel the same! That’s why they picked Aviemore and the Cairngorms for their adventure session.

We spent the night in Aviemore before setting off on a lovely long route which led us, conveniently and quite accidentally to a bothy. Here we were able to change into our fancy attire easily – to the amusement of other hillwalkers. With Dave in his kilt too (my fiance) and Sara in her long flowing dress, the four of us attracted a fair amount of questions and curiosity.

It is a lovely way and place to share time with good friends.

Their origin story

Sara & Robin first met during the run-up to the Samhuinn Fire Festival 2012, a street performance held in the heart of Edinburgh, marking the change of the seasons as the world turns to winter.

By pure chance, they each played the roles of lovers. Robin a Red, bounding down the streets with reckless abandon, in total belief that our summers’ love would never end, while Sara was a White, and could feel the Winter winds approaching which, with them, brought the knowledge that Reds cannot survive the Winter. As Robin laid his Red character to rest that night, another story was stirring awake.

Over the next few weeks they spent time learning more about each other and, in June 2013, they decided to no longer ignore the obvious and declared their young love to the world. They wanted an adventure session to enjoy some intimate time together in nature whilst exploring new parts of Scotland.

And here are some outtakes because we really can’t resist…

If you are interested in organising your own adventure session roaming the Scottish highlands then contact me to book.


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