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Starting your elopement journey can feel a little like carving our own path. It’s exciting but it can also be a little daunting!

Below you’ll find some advice, guides and tips for helping you elope in Scotland with ease. And a big part of my role in the run-up to your elopement is to help you plan a day that truly reflects you. You’ll have full access to local expertise and a friendly ear as you go through the planning journey.

Featured Guide

How to elope in Scotland (Updated for 2021)


A full guide on eloping in Scotland. Covering:

  • Why Scotland is a fantastic place to elope
  • Where to elope – spotlight on some of the best places
  • When to elope – what it’s like in different seasons
  • What you need to marry legally
  • Scottish celtic marriage traditions
glencoe elopement misty handfasting

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