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How to get the best out of your couples shoot in Scotland

Choosing the right photographer doesn’t just come down to their ability to take beautiful photos. You want those photos to feel authentically YOU. There are lots of ways to make your unique attributes shine in a shoot. Here are some of the suggestions I give to my couples:

Interact in a way that feels normal for you

Whilst I’ll have a few techniques up my sleeve to evoke natural-feeling pictures, the best thing you can do is try to act like you would if you were in private. This applies to everything- the way you hold each other, where you put your hands, how you walk together etc. Your love looks like no-one else’s – I invite you to be vulnerable and share that. There’s never any pressure and our sessions are so relaxed you can be as open as you want (don’t worry about the initial nerves- they go quickly!)

James and Yzzy brought their wicked sense of humour to the shoot – lots of giggles and play. They didn’t take things too seriously, which was perfectly “them”.

Shoot somewhere special to you

A lot of the time, shooting in a place which is warmly familiar can make all the difference to feeling relaxed and present in a shoot. I try to encourage couples to think about locations which speak to you as a couple. This could be down to a shared experience there or because the location has something relevant to you (even if you’ve never been there before).

James and Yzzy were most interested in shooting somewhere which could act as a backdrop to their shared hobby – acro. I suggested Holyrood Park, which they loved the idea of! And we were blessed that day with an epic sunset.

Dress to be the best YOU

What to wear is always a big question on my couple’s minds in the run up to a shoot. My advice is always the same: dress for comfort but don’t be afraid to make it as dressy or casual as you like within your own style. There’s always a temptation or sometimes a sense of pressure to dress in a certain way (whether it’s because of trends or other photos you’ve seen or because someone told you to) – but trust me, there are no rules. The best thing to do is feel good and like yourself in whatever you choose!

There is more on this topic on my FAQ’s here.

James and Yzzy came dressed ready to get the best photos of their shared interest. James is known for wearing shades of red and Yzzy came in a cute sun dress perfect for their shoot activities (see below!).

Integrate your shared interests

To add a bit of extra flair to your couples shoot, you may wish to integrate something into the shoot that is meaningful to you as a couple. It could be a hobby, it could be reading something to each other, it could be a special momento you wanted documented in your shoot – the options are endless and completely unique to you!

James and Yzzy wanted a shoot that focused on their shared love of acro-balance. They are super talented at it and it’s actually how they met! Acro is a big part of their love story and they couldn’t imagine a shoot without it included.

Lastly, bring the other love of your life – your pet

If you have a fur-baby in your life and you can’t imagine photographs without them in it… the answer is simple, bring them along!

James and Yzzy brought their absolutely adorable mainecoon cat, Kartoffel, who gleefully roamed around Holyrood Park and Arthur’s Seat whilst we shot. We got some interesting looks from folks who have never seen a cat on a lead but neither us nor Kartoffel minded in the slightest.

If you’re thinking about a couples shoot in Edinburgh or further afield in Scotland then get in touch to talk about how to make a shoot which best represents you. Contact me here.


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