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Best Glencoe locations to elope or adventure in | Scotland photography

Oh my heart! There are few places in Scotland that truly capture the essence of Scotland’s beauty and old wild soul as much as Glencoe. Although I’ve spent a fair amount of time in Glencoe, there’s always something new to uncover. Even to this day I still feel like I need to spend a week there to truly appreciate all her beauty spots. It’s absolutely no surprise to me that so many couples choose to adventure or elope there.

Whether you’re new or an old friend of Glencoe – you are bound to captivated by any of the following spots over and over again. Any one of these would the perfect backdrop for those life-changing vows if you’re eloping or making a commitment to each other. I’ve added a couple of tips to help you if you’re still in the decision-making process for where you’d like to visit or elope.

Glencoe valley view by Lagangarbh Hut

One of my favourite spots – I can’t get enough of that view over the valleys. This location is also home to the iconic ‘wee white cottage’ which has a gorgeous pebble river running alongside. It’s a versatile place with lots of different views but it can be a little boggy underfoot! In terms of parking, there is a bit of parking in a parking layby on the roadside but you do have to cross the main road to get to the location. Some people bravely park in entrance to the path but I can say from experience that you don’t want to park there unless you’re willing to risk your undercarriage (you can swim in the potholes!) and getting in some sticky situations with being blocked in.

glencoe elopement misty handfasting
Romantic glencoe elopement couple going to white cottage
Glencoe white cottage handfasting vows

The Lost Valley Trail by the Three Sisters

Bidean nam Bian mountain range is home to the famous Three Sisters (Gearr Aonach (Short Ridge), Aonach Dubh (Black Ridge) and Beinn Fhada (Long Hill)). The Lost Valley walking trail takes you past the Three Sisters into the Lost Valley but on the way there (about 5-10 mins walk from the large car park) there are plenty of spots that might suit for an elopement, proposal, commitment ceremony, handfasting or other ritual! As long as you don’t mind some walkers passing by then you can enjoy the incredible views in this spot with convenient parking and an easy trail.

three sisters glencoe elopement bride

View over the western valleys

Park up by the mid-sized parking lay-by before the waterfalls. From here you can ascend a gentle hill for 5 minutes to reach views over the valleys and mountains. Whilst a popular stopping place, people don’t linger too long here and you can have a little more privacy. This spot gives you views which are a little less well-documented but equally picture-worthy.

glencoe engagement handfasting scotland

Buachaille Etive Mor

On the road to Glen Etive lies the best views of Scotland’s most photographed mountain, Buachaille Etive Mor. The ground is particularly boggy and the area is particularly popular with tripod-wielding landscape photographers but it may just be worth it for that unrivalled mountain backdrop. It’s also worth noting that parking is minimal but again, it’s at least worth a stop!

buachaille etive mor glencoe elopement
buachaille waterfalls couples shoot
Happy couple in Glen Coe, Buachaille Etive Mòr - elopement adventure session

Glen Etive

Just before Glencoe lies Glen Etive – which has as much reverence at Glencoe itself. A backdrop in the James Bond film Skyfall, the single track road follows the river path through some rather epic scenery. You don’t see too many people out and about but you will pass a fair few cars (playing the passing place chicken game). There are limited places you can park so this is best suited for small parties with a couple of cars maximum but the area is gorgeous.

Glen Etive Elopement in Scotland Summer

The Study

Located above the Three Sisters in Glencoe is a place that goes by different names – including The Study. It has unparalleled high-vantage views over Glencoe and the Three Sisters. Parking is limited and available near the waterfalls. This location requires about 5 minutes of busy roadside walking and then a bit of an ascent to get to the perfect viewing spot. But it is supremely set up for being an elopement or ceremony space with some flat rock standing areas.

Three sisters glencoe, best photoshoot location
Rue de Seine elopement dress - Glencoe, Scotland

Hopefully these locations have you as awe-struck as I feel when I photograph here – it’s such a privilege to be able to visit places like this easily. Glencoe has so many more places to explore, such as Glencoe Lochan or taking the chairlift up the Glencoe Mountain Resort. Chat to me about your Glencoe elopement or adventure session for more information about the best Glencoe locations.

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