Elemental elopement inspiration on a Scottish beach – water | Giulia + Justine

The element of water represents feminine energy, creativity, strength and shaping your own path. No element more perfect for these two women during their elemental session together.

The ocean is vast, she is as deadly as she is nurturing. Ebbing and flowing, her immense power slowly shapes the land.

“She lapped against the shore,

restless like the sea,
ready for any adventure,

that blew along her way”


Gullane Beach is one of my favourite Scottish beaches. It is such a peaceful spot and we had the perfect light for an intimate elemental shoot. Connecting deeply with each other and to the sea, it’s almost as though I wasn’t there.

They even braved lying in the sea – which is no laughing matter when it’s the North Sea. They got chills for sure!

Like the waves, Giulia and Justine, danced along the shore. With so much joy and playfulness. Followed by a dance each themselves.

It’s hard to write too much about these sessions as they are so intimate and personal. It’s the gentle touch of a hand, a glance, an unspoken connection to something deeper than their own feelings.

Do you feel connected any of the elements? Explore an element with a loved one by booking a shoot session here.


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