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Have you ever thought about running away, just the two of you, and eloping somewhere beautiful? That’s exactly what Kait & Phil did. (Including a true Edinburgh adventure!)

Travelling all the way from California, USA they eloped on the stunning Isle of Skye where they shared an intimate ceremony with a small handful of their closest friends. However, this isn’t the story I’m telling here… (my friend Natalia Swiader was the creative eye who captured that particular one). I’m here to tell you about the story of their after-ceremony session in Edinburgh.

Why shoot in one beautiful Scottish spot when you can shoot in two? (It’s also an absolutely wonderful excuse to put your wedding outfits back on and extend those happy-marriage-feels.)

Our hopes for a beautiful Edinburgh summer evening were slightly dashed by a (characteristically-Scottish) torrential all-day downpour. But this was nothing to dampen the spirits of Kait & Phil.

Lucky for them, I am well-versed in rainy Scottish days and come prepared for wet-weather sessions.

Where to shoot on a rainy-day adventure in Edinburgh (for the bravest of adventure couples)

Stop 1 – The Vennel

Edinburgh is full of tight alleyways between tall buildings, which provides a small degree of shelter from the rain. The Vennel, though slightly more exposed than your usual Edinburgh close, is worth braving in the rain for the unparalleled view of the castle alone.

Stop 2 – Victoria Street

As needs must in a Scottish downpour with a wedding dress, we hopped in the car for the VERY short drive to Victoria Street. This colourful curved street is an iconic Edinburgh location and supposedly the inspiration for Diagon Alley in Harry Potter. Time for a quick dance.

Stop 3 – Victoria Terrace

At the top of Victoria Street is a beautiful balcony terrace which overlooks the street. It has lots of doorways and sheltered areas to hide in between shots. 

Stop 4 – Playfair Library & Parliament Square

The rain was not letting up, in fact it seemed to be getting worse. It was time for something drastic. It was after-hours and most of my indoor options were closed. We headed towards Parliament Square to take some refuge under the arches but not before a quick dance on the mile with a Scottish bagpiper. After that, I spy that the lights are on in the magnificent Playfair Library.

I’ve never shot in the Playfair Library but I know it’s one of Edinburgh’s finest buildings – it was time to put on my big girl pants and see if I can blag my way in. Lucky for me the manager is feeling generous and takes pity on our sad wet faces and allows me to shoot in a library room. And afterward we still took refuge in the arches and as we ran back to the car, we couldn’t resist a wee jump on the Heart of Midlothian – for good luck!

Stop 5 – Arthur’s Seat, Holyrood Park

No shoot in Edinburgh with me would complete without incorporating some of Edinburgh’s doorstep nature spots. Holyrood Park is a treasured spot to shoot in and a rainy day always makes Arthur’s Seat look wonderfully atmospheric. The haar fog rolls in and suddenly you feel like you are in the Highlands.

Stop 6 – The pub! Montpeliers

And after an adventure of that scale, it’s worth drying off in a cosy Edinburgh pub. Montpeliers in Bruntsfield does great food and has a wonderful atmosphere. Perfect way to end a shoot!

Extra Tips

  • Kait was super-prepared with a clear umbrella which is a MUST for a wet-weather backup
  • Know where the shelter spots are in case of torrential downpour
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help or a dry place to shoot, you never know what will happen!
  • Make distance between shooting spots short or use a mode of (sheltered) transport to assist…

Are you thinking you’d like to give your wedding wear another spin outside? Whether you are getting married in the future and considering an after-marriage session or been married for a while, let’s give those garments another adventure, whether in Edinburgh or further afield. Contact me for more information.


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