Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh portrait shoot | Justine

Sometimes all you need is to feel a little fabulous… A portrait session in the wondrous glasshouses at the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh was the perfect option for Justine.

Together we roamed amongst the fascinating and wildly varied greenery of the Botanics exploring shapes, movement and some serious hat and style game. We had such a giggle (though only partly down to my terrible jokes).

I never felt beautiful.

In Raini’s work however I see myself as a stranger, yet so authentically “me” that it almost hurts, like being in two places at once. Watching and being watched, watching her being watched and watching her watching me watching her.

It’s me and it’s not, it’s the monster in the closet, it’s the light we weren’t allowed to shine.

You know what? I am beautiful.

– Justine

It’s funny how shooting in public spaces can be terrifying to think of but empowering to experience. The feelings of awkwardness and embarrassment tend to quickly disappear and you can let that inner confidence shine. A camera almost gives you permission to do that.

Justine quickly became a natural in front of my camera and I hope these photos do that bright light of confidence that shone during our shoot some justice!

Is it time to feel a little extra fabulous in yourself? Contact me to book your own portrait shoot. Or find out more information here.


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