let’s hae a blether


Whether you’d like more information about the photography I offer, or to chat about availability, or if you just fancy a wee cuppa to chat through an idea – here is the place to get in touch with me! 

** I’ll be away July-October 2020 adventuring on a once-in-a-lifetime trip with my Dave (woohoo!) but it does mean I can’t accept any bookings during this time (for obvious reasons, booooooo). But let’s chat about Spring and late Autumn shoots – they’re the best anyway!**

It’s amazing what seeing yourself through someone else’s eyes can do! I am generally either terrible or, at best, silly in photos, and it was starting to eat away my self-confidence but Raini took me out once and showed me that I can be more than that to others as well as to myself!

- Siri Juulia