An adventurous Glencoe elopement | Scotland

Glencoe is truly one of the most magical places in the world to elope. With it’s stunning scenery and dramatic unpredictable weather – it’s just filled with romance and adventure. During Mark and Christie’s autumn Scottish elopement they experienced all the beauty that Glencoe has to offer.

If you’re thinking of eloping in Glencoe, then this incredible elopement is a perfect story to gather some inspiration for your own unique wedding day.

COVID-19 elopement planning changes

Meeting Mark and Christie was a last minute twist of fate… from Northern Ireland, this pair had originally been planning to elope in the US. But, like so many couples, COVID-19 disrupted their wedding plans and they switched to a more local elopement spot (though no less of an adventure!) in Scotland. Their plans became a little unsettled again when their original photographer, the inimitable Sam Starns, was unable to travel from the US to Scotland. Dave and I were incredibly honoured when Sam got in touch to photograph this wedding on her behalf just a couple of weeks beforehand.

Normally we spend a lot of time in the run up to an elopement getting to know our couples so that it feels like you have some familiar friendly folks along on the day… We didn’t have this chance with Mark and Christie but as soon as we met them it was SO easy to get along and had the most wonderful adventure of a day. They also brought along their two gorgeous pooches who also loved a bit of roaming around Glencoe!

Our Scottish knights in shining armour… well maybe woolies and wellies!

We had an amazing, laughter filled, emotional and magical day that we will remember for the rest of our days! Made all the better by the knowledge these guys have of Glencoe and the surrounding area.

Mark + Christie

Getting ready at Glencoe House hotel

The mornings of elopements are pretty special… the anticipation in the air, the quiet moments of reflection and the beginning of your wedding day story unfolding.

Mark and Christie had a stunning suite at the Glencoe House hotel which meant they had plenty of space to get ready separately. As they had decided not to see each other in the morning, they chose to exchange notes sharing private thoughts about the day ahead.

A first look in a Glencoe elopement

Filled with butterflies in their stomachs, Mark and Christie chose the beautiful grounds at Glencoe House as their spot to see each other for the first time in their full wedding attire (a ‘first look’). We love first looks for the beautiful moment of connection that a couple has when they see each other ready on their wedding day. It always gives us the feels!

Eloping at Glencoe Lochan – ceremony

Just a short 5 minute walk away… we wandered down to Glencoe Lochan for their ceremony. With the gorgeous loch in the background, dogs watching on eagerly and a sunny day – it was a perfect spot to say some vows.

Conducted by Humanist celebrant, Lesley Anderson, the ceremony included a traditional celtic handfasting and quaich ritual. These elements are such a beautiful addition to a Scottish wedding ceremony. Read more about Celtic rituals here.

Dave and I had the honour of signing our names as official witnesses (one of our favourite things to do!)

Side note: how do you pronounce quaich? It’s like ‘quake’ but with a soft K (said like loch). We all had a good chuckle when Christie called it a quash and now I want to call it a quash every time I say it!

First dance and cosy pub lunch

A first dance amongst the Scots pine and orange ferns? Oh yes please! And some doggos who just absolutely need to be part of it? Even better. These moments after a ceremony are for revelling in – all tension and nerves are released in place of joy and excitement and there is an easy-going excitement about enjoying the rest of the day.

But first… Food. If you elope with me, I’ll make sure that food is high up on the list of things we’ll add to your timeline. Nobody wants to get hangry or run down on their wedding day!

Mark and Christie stopped at the Clachaig Inn, one of my favourite pubs in Scotland. It is a hikers retreat and always have a cosy welcoming atmosphere and a warm fire. Perfect for autumnal and winter elopements especially! It serves tasty ‘pub grub’ and the menu also has a good selection for vegetarians.

Adventuring in Glencoe – Scotland elopement

Glencoe is not short on places to explore and visit with your Scotland elopement photographer! It’s perfect whether you’re a hardcore hiker or an avid gentle rambler. Whilst we roamed, Mark and Christie saw all the elements – there was sun, fog, rain, wind and even a stunning rainbow. This is the true Glencoe experience. And what fun we had!

A wee dram by the fire

After a few hours of exploring Glencoe, nothing rounds off the day better than a wee dram of whisky by a fire. Helps shake off the slight autumn chill.

At this point we said our goodbyes leaving Mark and Christie to enjoy their dinner in their suite and quiet evening together.

Accommodation: Glencoe House hotel

Celebrant: Lesley Anderson

Dress: Rue de Seine from The White Gallery boutique

Bridal shoes: Mustang

Suit: Hockerty

Dried flowers + ring: Lavi Accessories

Thinking of eloping in Glencoe?

No two Glencoe elopements are the same. Because Glencoe is such a varied landscape and wonderfully unpredictable weather, it truly feels like finding a new adventure every time. This makes it such a wonderful location for couples who want something truly unique. And are looking for somewhere they can return to which will still give them surprises time and time again.

Get in touch to book a photographer who can help you build an unforgettable Glencoe elopement experience.


  1. Amber

    What an amazing story to read!! The couple is gorgeouss and the landscape is so magical in these photos!

  2. Mathilde Hennighausen

    Wow wow wow- just breathtaking. Not only are your photos beautiful, but you are such an evocative writer. I could imagine myself there with this couple. What amazing inspiration!

  3. Shanmari Shehaj

    Remarkable truly. Words are few but I gotta say this elopement story made me want to elope again! Not only are these images breathtaking and tell the story so beautifully, you wrote it so well, from the heart. The windy images are incredible and I love how they experienced all the elements! Love all of this!

  4. Genessa Jakab

    That first look is heartwarming! I feel like your editing style perfectly captures this couple’s personality and vibe. So well done!

  5. Ann

    Absolutely stunning!! What an incredible story, location and elopement day! And definitely all about catching some pub food on your day – love it! And incredible photos! ❤️

  6. Ariel

    This couple, the location(s) and your work is stunning. I love their story & your images make me want to go visit Scotland immediately. Breathtaking!

  7. Malin Ovesson Megdiche

    wow, now I really have to go to Scotland! Amazing colours too! Love your edits.

  8. Julia

    These photos and locations are dreamy! Scotland is on the top of my bucket list for elopements and this post solidified that. Love it!

  9. Naomi Levit

    Absolutely gorgeous elopement! Love your style and all of the special moments captured.

  10. Kailyn Haynes

    Oh my gosh, the wind, the rainbow, the EVERYTHING. There is just something about Scotland photos that I can feel in my soul. I don’t even know how to explain it without sounding crazy, but I can just feel these photos. Absolutely breathtaking work.

  11. Will Khoury

    Wow these are stunning!! What an incredible day!!


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