5 reasons to choose the National Mining Museum Scotland for your small intimate wedding or elopement

1. Striking architecture with lots of natural light

Built in the Victorian era, this colliery is surrounded by striking buildings. In particular the Power House (used most often for weddings) is a beautiful room with large windows and historic features. If you are looking for something alternative and a little different that has an industrial vibe combined with beautiful architectural design then you can’t go wrong with the National Mining Museum Scotland.

wedding styling inside the national mining museum - scotland elopement photographer

2. Dramatic indoor and outdoor spaces to adventure in

Worried about the Scottish weather? Choosing the National Mining Museum means you can adventure in dramatic spaces that are both indoors and outdoors with having to worry about the weather. Inside the museum, you can walk down old tunnels or venture outside the museum where you can find interesting spaces where you can remain covered.

Dramatic photo of wedding couple at National Mining Museum wedding venue - scottish elopement photographer

3. Close to nature beauty spots

If you LOVE the industrial vibe but long for some in nature on your wedding day then the good news is that you can have both. Midlothian is full of local woodlands and you won’t have to go far to find some quiet nature beauty areas.

delighted couple after eloping to scotland in the forest

4. Can scale up the evening reception

If you’ve decided to have a small intimate wedding but still long for a celebration with your wider circle of friends and family after then you scale up your evening reception. This is what I like to call “having your cake and eating it too”. The Power House has enough capacity for up to 150 for an evening shindig.

Speeches during intimate wedding at the mining museum in scotland - unusual scottish wedding venue

5. Affordable venue hire option

As far as wedding venue hire goes, the National Mining Museum is an affordable choice – coming in under c£1,000 for the venue hire. According to Bridebook the average cost of venue hire in the UK in 2019 was £3,788. Check out their venue guide here (pg 19 for pricing).

Scottish National Mining Museum - Newbattle, Newtongrange

Unusual Scottish intimate wedding venue inspiration

Curious to see what a small wedding at the National Mining Museum Scotland could look like? Check out the full story below.

Thanks so much to Sean Bell and Justyna Maria (photographer extraordinaires) from the At the Coalface workshop for setting this up! It was a brilliant couple of days of learning, networking and exploring the museum.

Styling: Justyna Maria

Dress: Flossy And Dossy

Venue: National Mining Museum Scotland

Host: Sean Bell

Thinking about having a small intimate wedding at the National Mining Museum Scotland? Get in touch to see how I can capture your unique love at this truly unique venue.


  1. Amber Spits

    Wow Raini, these photos are amazing! This is great inspiration for brides that want to do an intimate wedding instead of a big wedding due to restrictions!

    • Raini

      Thanks so much Amber! I hope it inspires people to consider the mining museum – such a cool place to marry!

  2. ankit jain

    The second picture is just STUNNING. Looks like a movie set. Artistic


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