discover a side of your love you don’t normally see

I know you’ll appreciate the quiet moments of raw heartfelt vulnerability…

Couples photoshoot in Scotland, intimate shoot in natnatuure
Scottish elopement on the beach

… almost as much as you’ll relish the puddle-splashing, take-your-shoes-off ADVENTURE.

And getting lost along the way.

Much more than a photoshoot – choose experience and true connection instead.

Let’s craft an unforgettable experience which gives you to space to celebrate and revel in your unique bond (in whatever weird  and wonderful form it takes!)

Together, we’ll explore and connect to the magic of Scotland.

To make it part of your story – a story worth telling.

All whilst capturing you both exactly as you are.*

*but like, the best version of you

drinking tea, optional

chasing epic, guaranteed


Thinking about say ‘no’ to a big wedding in favour of an intimate personal wedding day?Consider eloping to Scotland – a wildly romantic backdrop for the most memorable experience of your life.

adventurous Couples

Your love deserves to be celebrated – whether its a special occasion or not. Suitable for the insufferably in love, the life buddies, the travel-companions and the playful partners-in-crime. 

Scottish elopement photographer - Raini Rowell

hello? is it me you’re looking for?

Raini (/ˈreɪni/ – just like the weather!)

A local Scottish elopement and couples photographer

Once described as being like a:

“chocolate bunny filled with guacamole – sweet on the outside but strange, weird and made of avocados on the inside”

Being photographed by me is a wonderful combination of feels, freedom and a big ‘ole dollop of fun.


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